Survey Results - Is there such a thing as unbreakable encryption?

Our team was curious about what the general public thought about issues related to our product. (We’re a bunch of engineers, so we live in a bit of a bubble). We decided to administer a survey around Atlanta to ask people a few questions and find out.

Out of hundreds of responses, when asked “Is there such a thing as unbreakable encryption?”, only 10% said “Yes”.

It turns out that there is a type of encryption that’s unbreakable: one-time pad. Invented over a century ago, one-time pad (a.k.a. the Vernam cipher) is uniquely immune to cryptanalysis when used correctly, and has been securing sensitive military communications since at least WW2.

The Prolaag Hardware VPL includes a high-quality HWRNG that can securely generate one-time pads, making truly unbreakable encryption available to anyone who wants it.

So there you have it. We’re going to be posting the responses to all the questions from our survey, so stay tuned.

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