Survey Results - Should unbreakable crypto be available to everyone?

The Prolaag team is always curious what the general public thinks about issues related to privacy, so we decided to administer a survey around Atlanta to ask people a few questions and find out. Only 10% of the people we surveyed answered “Yes” to the question “Is there such a thing as unbreakable encryption?”. Since it turns out there is such a thing, our next question was “Should unbreakable encryption be available to ordinary citizens?” Here’s the breakdown on the answers we received:

We’ve got good news for that 45.4%: we’re still planning to make unbreakable encryption available to anyone who wants it. Even though law enforcement will not be able to decrypt messages encrypted by this little box, we believe it’s time for tools that provide absolute digital confidentiality to be made public. And we’re hoping that as more of that 90% learns about the availability of unbreakable encryption, more people will see how possible it is for private citizens to protect their communications from state-level actors.

Although the algorithm has been in use for over a century, a home or small-office device which feasibly provides one-time pad (provably secure crypto) protection to air gapped networks is new to the private market. Militaries and government agencies have used similar but expensive devices for decades; now consumers will be able to do the same.

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